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I want to tell an insane story.

For Samuel it was a typical day. He is an addict but I’m sure his story will force a reaction out of you. His day to day life was full of insanity. See he is an active addict deep in the madness of addiction. 

Here is his rather uplifting, disturbing tale.

Today was tax day. I’m always excited on tax refund day. It meant I could get high as gas, and on my own money for once. I had everything set up. My dope man was stocked, I was locked and ready to rock. I cashed my check and headed his way. 

I got a gram of fire dope, despite his grim warning of going easy. I put the entire bag in my spoon, tied off, and fired off a round. Feeling that trust and warm numbness, I sunk back into the couch. Moments later I heard my name being called. 

As I came to I noticed that there were people leaning over me. White shirts, rubber gloves, this terrible fucking taste of metal in mouth.. Damn! I fucked up and overdosed. They loaded me on the gurney and wheeled me to the ambulance.

On the way to the hospital, I noticed no sirens. We came to a stop and they took me inside. It was rather unusual because they loaded me onto an elevator. We stopped. The doors open and I was rolled out. It was cold and dark. Once to what I’m guessing was my destination we came to a halt.

I heard voices,

“So Johnny, another one huh?”

Yeah, I’m really getting sick of bringing them in”, the man replied.

I tried to speak but couldn’t. The bright lights came on. Not as Illuminated as I thought. Then, I felt something soft being slide down my forehead, and over my face. Now the lights hit me as the sheet was being removed from my face.

“It’s sad that they just don’t understand stand how much of a life and death battle this epidemic is. Well not until I’m looking at them here”, said the man.

Johnny replied, 

“One day maybe one of these junkies will get the chance to come back from one of these nasty little mishaps and spread some awareness. Until then I will keep collecting their corpses, and bringing them to you so you can clean them up, clear’em out for their final destination.”


Wait – I started screaming – I’m not fucking dead, rationalizing, I’m not fucking dead. 

I can hear me how can they not. The two men parted ways. The one left behind began removing my clothes. 

Wiping off my body, as I continued to attempt to acknowledge to this creepy cold man I was in here.

Totally naked now I heard the preparer of my seeming lifeless body call for someone to come help him move me. A young lady came into view pushing what sounds like another gurney. Both of the attendants picked my body up and placed it in the other bed. At this rationalizing, accepting the consequences of my actions. Still losing my mind insanely.

I felt myself being bound to the gurney. I heard the clicking of metal as I felt the surface I was lying on move. Slowly I was being elevated to a final resting position – standing. Looking down at the floor from my slightly leaning position. Peering down my body, on the floor I noticed I small shiny metal grate. The cold rush of liquid being smeared on my gray chest by a warm hand, followed by a female voice, startled me.

“So How how many does this make this week?”  the gentle voice spoke.

“Unlucky thirteen, Sarah”. Joe replied.

“We doing a “Y” incision on this one?” She asked.

My thoughts were racing. I began to pray. God, please give me a path. Let me blink, speak, any damn thing. I attempted to move my fingers. Screaming see this assholes? I moving my fingers. Don’t you see this. Shit, nothing was moving. Back to praying as the scalpel came into view as the light glistened off it’s reflective surface.

One last time I begged for Gods help. Please help me. There is no way I’m dead I’m thinking, feeling. The young woman’s pretty face was directly in front of mine.

Looking deep into my eyes she says,

“Hey Joe, do you think we are still in there when we die”?

“Hell no! When were gone, we are gone”  

Weeping to myself I prepared myself for the pain to come as she inserted the blade in to my chest. Christ it hurt. I can feel this. This can’t be real. After a short stroke I could feel the dark red liquid run down my cold clammy body.

Fully surrendered to this horrific spectacle happening before my eyes. 

One more time she glared into my eyes. I could feel as a tear ran down my face.

She screamed,



Chaten N.