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When I was out there I never even thought about taking care of my health. Going to the doctor and going to the dentist were things that simply didn't matter. I was absolutely fixated on staying high and not being sick that there wasn’t time for much else.

After over 10 years with that attitude, obviously quite a toll had been taken on my body. I really did a number on myself. It wasn’t until I got clean and started to heal that I noticed all the damage I’d done to myself. At around 15 months clean I started having some pain when eating. Nothing too bad yet, but I noticed some discomfort. I still didn’t have my insurance lined up so I kinda just let it sit for another month or so. Finally, the pain started to get bad enough that I couldn’t ignore it anymore. I began to notice all sorts of decay starting to surface and I was starting to get scared and worry.

Luckily, my insurance finally kicked in and I was able to make a dentist appointment. As soon as I got off the phone with the dentist office I was immediately thinking of the worst outcome and definitely over-thinking the situation. I figured that since I had decay I would need to have teeth pulled and the recovery was going to be painful since I definitely can't take painkillers for the pain. I thought I was going to have to deal with the pain on my own and that I'd be miserable. I was so nervous I made my girlfriend take off work just so she could take me. I was convinced it was going to be so bad that I felt like I needed to have another person there to help me with the after-care.

The big day finally came; I was examined, got a cleaning, scheduled an appointment to get a few fillings, and that was it. I had built this day up and thought the absolute worst scenario was going to happen for no reason. I returned the following week to get the fillings done and successfully handled that as well. It really was no big deal at all. Getting my teeth fixed was a great accomplishment for me. I learned to just relax and not to assume things and of course took a big step on my road to recovery, physically.